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I understand your point, but there need to be some pretty strict limits. The things to really worry about--at least on an individual level--are things like pacemakers. Modern ones can be monitored and adjusted from outside the body. Messing with one of those, if it has been implanted, could have *very* serious consequences.

It is--without a doubt--too much to ask that the manufacturers publish the code the devices run on so that those interested can verify that it is written correctly and securely and that even basic security precautions have been taken, such as not running implanted devices on default passwords--or, for that matter, even *having* passwords.

And one other thing....the medical personnel are very reasurring, but quite obviously have absolutely no clues whatsoever how communications with the devices is handled, nor do they actually know what sort of security the devices have (or, more likely, don't have), but they will say to your face that the devices are secure--because that's what the manufacturers salesmen tell them. Great "bedside manner", but quite transparent BS to anyone with an actual technical background.

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