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Thanks for the reply - useful info. Yes, I did think static locations would only be another means of identification, and I would need to do something like a "story mode" as you describe. This is partially a learning exercise for me, and also being bloody minded as the data slurp has gotten out of hand. I have no real problem with state actors - they can always get hold of the mast handover data and fall back on old-school investigation techniques but with every other Tom, Dick or Harriet snooping and grabbing your data with impunity.

It has become a game of whack-a-mole with respect to the Location setting in Android - I had a phone once that in order to use the camera, you had to give it Location permission. And sometimes I find after disabling location, the location status icon may disappear, but there are other indicators that imply that location reporting is still active. So, I always reboot the phone after transitioning Location setting from On to Off.

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