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" who doesn't want to make life miserable for the greedy vermin who are constantly clawing private data and manuring the web with their pathetically awful adverts?"

Hmm. I don't like clawing, greedy vermin of any kind. Whether they are advertisers, or bankers, or lawyers, or finance lenders, etc. etc. They are all out to get their sticky hands in your pockets, and little else. Most of them see this as a morally good thing to do, despite it not being.

The issue is, if we do away with the advertising market, then how do we get these "free" services? I know, I know, I'm the product, but here's the thing - this trade of "I'll read your adverts, you harvest data from my habits to sell to the advertisers, who then advertise to me hoping I'll read it." is a form of barter isn't it? If we kill advertising, then the question surely becomes "how do we want to pay for that?", and that could, possibly, be the thin end of a wedge against net neutrality?

I know there are less scrupulous uses of my personal data going on (election rigging, for example), and that needs addressing, but is that a separate concern to targeted advertising? Are we trying to hammer all harvesters of data with the same club, and should we be doing so? Are some worse

I'm not sure I want a range of paid subscription based services that are probably still going to monetize my data/activity on their site - Perhaps the adverts that I generally block or ignore are preferable? Am I barking up the wrong tree here?

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