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Well, yes, but the problem is that there's more incentive for Google if you click a lot of stuff before finding what you're looking for than there is for it delivering your results in the top ten every time, isn't there?

The problem is that they've a de facto monopoly on mindshare - we 'google' stuff even when we use a different search engine!

So, the process would first require the whole world to undergo some sore of debriefing, like people get when they're rescued from cults - otherwise all that will happen is that we'll complain about having to pay for crappy results but we still won't switch to another search engine.

Take a look at Portugal: any extraterritorial web content costs extra over and above the cost of the service/dataplan - it's unfathomable to you or me, given the nature of the Internet, never mind the Web, itself but people accept it as "just the way things are" and tailor their browsing habits accordingly.

I like the idea, don't get me wrong,. I just don't imagine that paying for what we think it's worth is a model that Google would go with, so how would we enforce it on them?

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