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It already has, with ad-blocking and script blockers.

Just an observation... not that many users use these tools. They simply don't care. Or when they do care, they end complaining that they missed a "good sale" or such similar stuff. Too many users I know don't even use the email spam bucket. They've been trained somewhere to just accept the abuse and other crap that comes onto their computer.

I have a friend that I installed an adblocker and modified her HOST file to block certain sites. Then she complained she was missing out on things. She is a FB user and started complaining she couldn't take quizzes or play certain games (all data slurpers). And then, I get a call...:"my computer is slowing down," or "my AV is telling me I have viruses". <sigh>

We in IT might be the biggest users of these blocking techs and the biggest complainers about the problems. The average user just doesn't give a crap. They want the shiney, the input, the feeling important enough to get this stuff.

Until we can change the mindset of the users, they'll continue clicking on click-bait, turning off or ignoring the protection settings, etc. and the malvertisers, advertisers, miscreants, etc. will keep doing what they do.

I'll stop ranting and go off to the corner to contemplate the human condition and why we got into this mess in the first place.

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