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One solution to wreck privacy-hating websites: Flood them with bogus info using browser tools


uMatrix and/or NoScript, adNauseum, BetterPrivacy, CanvasBlocker, Clear Flash Cookies, Decentraleyes, Disconnect, Facebook Disconnect, Google Disconnect, Twitter Disconnect, Don't track me Google, google-no-tracing-url, HTTPS Everywhere, Link Cleaner, Location Guard, TrackMeNot + whatver becomes the new Random Agent Spoofer addon.

Won't actually blow up the webserver/abduct the CEO, bury them in a shallow grave and send a note explaining where and why to the media, but...

Until we can do those other things, between them, they make my browsing experience horrible which discourages me from visiting websites just because they're there, which reduces my exposure and footprint, which is not just A Good Thing® but Better Than A Good Thing™ because prevention is better than cure - if you don't want a nasty infection, don't sleep with syphilitic. lepers.

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