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Eventually it'd turn into an endless battle where both sides are constantly trying to stop each other (think spam).

It already has, with ad-blocking and script blockers. The malvertisers deployed evercookies and abuse other system capabilities, the blockers evolve to catch those, and so it goes on. This latest turn of events is about the advertising intermediaries themselves and their data hoarding and exploitation, but in practice it's the old battle of users versus advertisers.

Unlike spam which is essentially the actively criminal or businesses on the fringes of criminality, this battle puts the whole on-line data grasping world in the firing line, and hitherto they've regarded themselves as law abiding. Regulation seems inevitable, but then we'll enter another arms race between the tech 'n' data sector trying to lobby to weaken regulation, users demanding more control and tighter regulation, the corporates using every weasly trick to legally circumvent the intentions of regulations and so forth.

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