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These people have made cryptocurrencies too annoying to use

I wasn't very interested in cryptocurrencies in the first place, but I downloaded the monero system to see how well it worked. It turns out that windows defender blocks the executables as malware, because cryptominers might use them, I guess. That would be rather ridiculous, because that requires you to download the full blockchain before you can start, and that takes 42gb of storage and network. I have no clue what they have in there to make it take that much. My main point of this digression, though, was to say that using the basic monero tools to mine wouldn't work very well for the malware people. My main point outside the digression is to say that monero, at least, has reached the point where it is too annoying for me to want to use it.

It works a bit better on linux systems, which I checked after the initial windows test on the laptop I had with me, but it still requires a ton of storage and network, which means it will take hours to initiate. Sure it's secure, but annoying enough that the idealotheorists who like to predict economies operating on cryptocurrencies should try to come up with a better solution.

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