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Justin Case

I was a customer of Melbourne

who sold out to Iomart.

I remember looking at the new owners and thinking Oh No when I saw their EasySpace connection.

EasySpace were the first ever domain name registrars and hosting service I used, before the turn of the century. I found their habit of charging you to release your domain name to another registrar quite apalling. I swore, once I'd coughed up the necessary Danegeld to extract all my domains from the sticky suffocating fingers of EasySpace, that I'd never have anything to do with them or any company associated with them, ever.

Little was I to know, happily ensconsed with Mebourne, who provided a reliable, reasonably priced service, that I'd end up in their clutches once more.

Looks like I'll be moving hosts again - looking for someone just like Melbourne. Someone who concentrates on getting the boring but essential basics right.

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