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Hackers pwn Baltimore's 911 system?! Quick, someone call 91– doh!

Robert Carnegie Silver badge

The story suggests that the hack was to disrupt 911 calls during the anti-gun protests, which implies to me that there was also going to be an attack on protesters - such aps a mass shooting (and we say Americans don't do irony?) Although that didn't happen.

But on the other hand, the hack may have been pro-protester - I'm reaching here, but imagine a plot to phone 911 and falsely report that the protesters had pulled out guns and were shooting bystanders. Cue police rushing up in cars to shoot dead any black people on the scene.

Or someone may have hacked the wrong computer - say they were led to believe that it's the server that Vladimir Putin uses to order his assassinations.

Then again, who knows, maybe it is.

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