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>Laptops & tablets make education worse. About the only SW fit for purpose for education is wordprocessing & spreadsheet,

I tried to make this argument on Edugeek (for anyone that doesn't know, a forum for school tech staff). Although some people agreed, most did not, and it didn't take long for the "I.T education consultants" to try to rubbish the results of various studies which prove IT doesn't really have a noticeable impact on results.

I have worked in IT educaitonal tech for nearly a decade, I enjoy the environment, even though the pay is rubbish and we can't really afford anyone good. I consider myself good. I have worked outside education also earning a lot more, but went back! I have seen how the introduction of more and more portable devices, has resulted in teachers becoming lazy. And I mean the teacher sits at the front of the class, while students play various games that are meant to teach them, it is becoming more and more common. That isn't teaching. Not all are like that to be clear, but it is becoming more common!

The amount of money schools burn on software and subscription to education websites is madness, and don't get me started on schools buying Apple hardware, a vanity project without question. We had a major argument with the design department when their computers came up for replacement, they demanded Apple hardware, in the end they won, and we spent double the amount getting them in, less than a month into the new term, "how do I access the CAD software?". Err you can't, in only runs on windows, you were told this over and over again in writing before the Apple tech was signed off. In the end, we erased the Apple OS, and installed windows. Let them get on with it. Just remember, many of the very people who make and design tech, over the pond in silicon valley, choose to adopt schools without IT for their children.

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