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Re: MS wants more Linux Distros in its Store?

I can see why some distros would like it. It comes down to what does a distro want? For most, dealing with the insanity that is GNOME and SystemD is a real burden (though no doubt there are people out there putting SystemD, which afterall is just more userland stuff, into WSL - sadists). Losing that by sitting on top of WSL isn't too bad an outcome.

But it then raises the most pertinent question of all; how is one distro fundamentally different to any other, beyond their choice of desktop and package manager? About the only thing left to differentiate on is the antiquity (Centos) or modernity (Fedora) of the packages one includes.

To me it just highlights the insanity of the fragmentation of the Linux world. FreeBSD is much better organised.

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