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This is all irrelevant. The point is that Vettel was ahead because he hadn't pitted. At normal car speeds a pit stop costs you 20 seconds or so in total, relative to a car at full race speed

But under VSC conditions its much less. Not because you can go faster in the pit lane than on the track, but because the pitstop itself - typically under 3 seconds, is not the problem, it is the slowing down and the pit-lane speed limits that cost you the time. but they dont cost you any MORE times if VSC is in operation.

But the VSC DOES cost the car that stays out, time.

*shrug* exploiting the rules is how you win in F1. Pitting under safety is a well known trick. Vettel was likley behind both Hamilton and Raikonnen, when Fate smiled. Or someone bribed the Haas mechanics.

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