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Too Many People Think The Chinese Still Stand Knee-High In Water Wearing Funny Hats

Only those Foreigners who have had the opportunity to actually visit Chinese manufacturing facilities realise that the days in the rice paddies are over. Sure many of the plants are not the most impressive but, as with Chinese restaurants, who cares about the decor?

They have technology malls, much along the lines of the retail malls in the West, except that the small cubicles are filled with very, very, skilled technicians where iPhone memory chips can be removed, à la FBI, except in ShenZhen the skilled workers fit a memory chip with expanded capacity.

China made the first tablets before Jobs copied them (I bought a few at the time).

As for stealing IP, sure they knock off DVDs, etc., but a lot of Western IP is transferred because the greedy financial pigs in the West want to max out profits and without the transfers their products could not be manufactured at crippling low prices. So where is the theft?

Whilst China, the DPRK and Russia spy on the West, who would ever claim the West has clean hands?

HuaWei, ZTE, TP-Link design and make very fine products and even the UK government accepts that HuaWei products are clean. And where do you think all these 'trusted' US manufacturers are going to get their 5G products made?

And if US technology so great, and technicians so skilled, how come anyone - including an unwashed 400 pound character in his bedroom (described by Trump) - can crack their systems?

Because they have better skills than Americans.

P.S. I am Canadian and hold UK and US passports.

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