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Microsoft loves Linux so much it wants someone else to build distros for its Windows Store

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“Whilst there is an inevitable outcry from FOSS advocates that Windows itself is not FOSS, WSL allows Linux enthusiasts to use Linux in contexts where previously it would not be feasible - contexts such as Corporate laptops which do not permit Virtual machines or dual boot.”

Hmm, well, by using WSL one is not using Linux at all. That's kinda the point.

MS could really upset a lot of people by doing a Franken-OS, i.e. one which boots the WindowsNT kernel but runs a WSL hosted Linux distro on top. Looks like Ubuntu. Smells like Ubuntu. Behaves like Ubuntu. Has zero trace of the Linux kernel underneath.

Still, that'd be one way of getting WiFi working properly in "Linux". All the Windows device drivers would be available.

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