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"I'm definitely not a Lewis Hamilton fan due to his dirty driving, lies, etc."

For real? He is one of the honest drivers out there, a true gentleman (I have met him), and a huge inspiration.

The TV doesn't show many things, like how Lewis is often the last to leave circuits in some of the poorer regions, instead doing charity work with local kids charities.

He is also pretty much the only driver to get where he is through skill and determination, rather than most others who got to f1 via daddy's money or daddy's connections, or daddy's F1 career.

If you had to point to a single person to demonstrate the principal of believe in your dreams, work hard and with a sprinkling of luck, literally anything is possible, Lewis Hamilton would be it. A black kid from a council estate with no Motorsport family connections, with a dad working 3 jobs and the pair of them an attitude to try anyway, against all the odds...

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