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Same concept... passing in the Pit Lane. Highway Exits as passing lanes.

I've (or perhaps it was: Somebody I know has) done the same sort of thing on the highway.

Somebody (intentionally or unintentionally) is acting as a rolling roadblock (or two doing so on a 4-lane road (dual carriageway). Not uncommon with truckers. Very annoying after a while...

At the next Exit, exit from the highway, accelerate to Mach 0.2 on the off-ramp, stop at the stop sign at the crossroad overpass, look both ways and carefully drive straight across, then accelerate to Mach 0.2 on the on-ramp, and then rejoin the highway before the rolling roadblock(s) have even made it as far as the underpass.

For extra points, the intentional rolling roadblock on the highway notices and knows exactly what you're doing, but he still can't round up enough horses to do anything about it. Even with the full stop at the stop sign. Yee haw.

Peace through superior horsepower.

Works more reliably in areas with low population density, where it's not likely that any 3rd party on the on ramp would accidentally derail the plan.

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