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Software gremlin robs Formula 1 world champ of season's first win


What robbed Hamilton was the decision to use virtual safety car rather than deploy the real safety car which they had to do anyway. Most of the time the virtual safety car is useless as cars are spread out all over the track and don't allow easy and safe access. The real safety car bunches up the field and gives a window of a couple of minutes after the last car has passed until they come round again.

This would have been to Hamilton's advantage as he would then have closed up on Vettel who would then drop behind by around 23 seconds when he pitted. As it stood the virtual safety car cut the pit time loss to around 10 seconds as the car in the pit lane entry and exit could go faster than the ones on track, and although limited in the pit lane itself, the cars on track are going much slower than normal.

I just long for the days when the lead changed hands on track rather than via the pit lane, currently all the excitement tends to be for the single digit points places where there is some racing rather than a procession.

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