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Only the middle part of the pit lane is limited. the entrance and exits before/after the speed limit markers aren't covered by a limit. This means that cars can enter the pit lane at near race speeds and rejoin the track at near race speeds.

So whilst LH was going around at the VSC speed of let's say 130kmh (arbitrary and guesswork figure), SV was able to enter the pit lane faster and leave faster... and providing his sector times were within acceptable limits he was fine... and because he was in the pit lane... he never crossed the start/finish line to end that 3rd sector or start the 1st one on the next lap in the same manner a car on the track would have.

We've seen this time and time again, a lucky pit stop when a safety car has been deployed (virtual or actual) can make or break a race for a driver.

What I'd actually like to see is cars going back to mechanical grip rather than aerodynamic which disturbs the air so much that cars cannot follow close enough to be able to overtake... which makes the races dull and predictable and relies on overtaking gimmicks like KERS and DRS that don't really add anything useful.

If they removed 50% of the aero packages currently in use and allowed things like active suspension again... You see closer racing, higher speeds and hopefully more over taking and exciting races.

I had hoped that the new owners were going to bring some of that to the sport... But it may take so long to make the sport good again... that my interest in it may be something that cannot be reignited.

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