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Tumblr troll-ban follows February indictments

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The entire argument of Bulgakov’s novel from which you take your nom de plume

Close but no cigar. Re-reading Bulgakov is highly recommended. Koroviev likes shooting straight. I do not. I like ricochets.

As far as suppression... As I noted a few posts above. Their press (started by the opposition by the way) published the criminal files dating back to 1996 related to what we call Novichok. The correct name is: "D-1980". The reprint has been SUPPRESSED in the UK press since Friday.

The criminal files date 1996-2002, cross-reference checkout completely including other non-UK NATO sources which have spoken so far and inclusive of some details which did not make any sense before now fall in place. And they are scary as HELL.

The equivalent in the UK would have been the press getting their mitts on the Litvinenko classified archive (something closed, but LESS explosive and of roughly same age) and publishing it openly in violation of the Secrets Act. When they show same level of chutzpah, I will gladly agree with your w*nking about suppression.

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