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Information is the true power

The second you have an IP from your ISP and you open any sort of app, it's game over. You don't need social media accounts to be found out there.

There are plenty of companies now offering media recognition software and services, heck AWS Rekognition will sift and catalogue media for pennies. Companies are trialing this software to make your shopping experience better. You walk into a shop it scans your face and immediate either knows who you are or it will work out how your feeling, make resonable guesses as to your age, weight, social status, demographic. If your details are on file at that bank, shop or service then they will immediately wire those details to the nearest shop assistant who will know instantly who you are. Think i'm joking, nope, banks are already trialing this technology in their places of business. You walk into your bank and they're already working out how best to "help" make better use of you, I mean help you. Now link your details of your account to your social media account and now the bank has more info about you, what you like, what you don't, what you spend your money on, the list goes on.

Quit social media all you like, they're's enough information out there now from other sources that if you abstain, it makes no difference anymore, they'll find ways to fill in the blanks from everyone else. It's like a jigsaw with a missing piece. You might not know what the face looks like on that missing piece but just below it is a body, a man's body, a dog, a car next to it, there are friends to either side, there's a house behind. You can run but you you can't hide.

We let them build the holy temples of information, enough people confessed their sins and paid tribute, now they have us all by the balls, either directly or indirectly.

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