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It's not just pure info, it's media content.

All that media, photos, videos and music being uploaded says just as much as some wittering post about some guy's dog. With tech like AWS Rekognition all that media is being scanned too, looking for trends, clues and information about how to force feed us more shit we don't need and never wanted.

Imagine all the teenagers uploading pictures of themselves, every thing in this pics is scanned, clothes, hair, make-up, faces, body shapes and sizes, cars, phones, colours, everything scanned for how the next piece of unwanted cack can be sold to the next generation of kids.

You could take away the text boxes and it'll still survive, it'll just turn into another Instagram. Or add text boxes and turn Instagram into Twitter/Facebook. Add video to Twitter and you have Vine/Snapchat. They're all the same and no matter what you do they will simply morph into each other.

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