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Not entirely fair.

I was forced to create a Facebook account, under extreme protest, by a training company that claimed it was an absolute requirement of the course. In turn the course was an absolute requirement of my job. Resistance was futile.

Sorry, but there was no way I was going to quit a highly lucrative job because; "I don't like Facebook".

As soon as the course was completed, I deleted my Facebook page.

Unfortunately I predict that may not be the last time this happens. Companies are becoming increasingly insistent on using Facebook for various purposes, and I suspect this latest scandal will not deter them in the slightest.

Instead of persecuting the victims, let's have a blacklist of companies that base any of their infrastructure on Facebook, or even use it for non-critical purposes.

Yes I know. Pointless. The total number of people who would even be aware of the existence of this blacklist, would be limited to the 96 commentards in this thread.

This CA scandal, and the ensuing mainstream coverage, will only briefly enlighten the masses ... before they resume sheep-ness as usual.


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