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That may have some validity to it, however I also try to fudge that data by some of the following methods.

1: Use a browser that I rarely ever use

2: Never run the browser full screen

3: Use privacy mode

4: Use as many plugins as possible to block scripts/ads/trackers/cookies

So I'll use Chrome if I ever want to log into a google service, but not for anything else. I use firefox with a vpn, privacy mode and all of the plugins mentioned for general browsing. I'll use tor from time to time just for the hell of it... and I am 'forced' to use IE when I want to watch the F1 via sky go... because it's the only browser those fuckwits now support because of their insistence on using outdated and obsolete silverlight... But that browser is 'never' used for anything else.

I refuse to use Windows 10, and since they tried to force it upon people without consent... have turned of auto updates and triple check every update before allowing it to be installed. So for example.. I have to keep hiding the KB2952664 for example (amongst others) which they keep trying to slip in first as 'recommended', and now as 'important'... I NEVER install anything 'recommended' and only allow 'important' after checking out what it does exactly.

I have never 'googled' myself or anyone else via a mobile device... and I currently own a wileyfox which has extra privacy measures built in... and one of the first things I do with any phone is disable chrome (and a load of other baked in apps) and install firefox. I keep location data turned off unless I actually need to use it.

I can't stop it all... But I can make it as useless as possible... and I'm always looking for other ways to thwart this data harvesting.

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