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Facebook's inflection point: Now everyone knows this greedy mass surveillance operation for what it is

Chris J. C.

ChatBots. A.I. They'll EAT your FaceBook.

DELETE you Face Book, because of A.I. They'll Eat your FaceBook.

ChatBots are automated mini A.I. programs that can leave comments and pretend to be humans.

To train a ChatBot Neural Network program to act human, you need to feed it a lot of real human data.

FaceBook holds TONS of human generated data, and makes a great feeding pool to train A.I. programs to act human... maybe TOO Human...

You can learn how to write ChatBot, A.I., and Neural Network programs from free YouTube videos.

Then, just plug them into FaceBook and they will slurp up gigabytes of data to learn and act human.

The only question Facebook Users should really have is : how much data have they lost already,

voluntary giving up their privacy and social links of family, friends, and emails, physical addresses, events, photos, phone numbers, etc.

Once combining harvested FaceBook data with say, harvested credit reporting data - the harm that can be done to individuals, corporations, or families is almost unlimited.

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