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FB didn't do anything wrong

If you can stay awake while reading the FB TOS and Privacy Policy, the've written down that they will "share" (=sell) your data with their "partners" (=The Real Customers). By using the service you have also agreed to grant them a perpetual, worldwide, transferable, paid license to use anything you post without consultation or authorship credit. They never promise to keep all a user's information to themselves and not sell it. It's all in black and white and they can get away with being right upfront since people don't read anything and fervently believe that even if it does say they "can" , they never "will". I thought that the FB crowd didn't have anything to hide and didn't care about what was public in the first place.

FB's big money maker is selling personal data, advertising is second place. Send an email to a "friend" that you are thinking about getting a new car and see what happens. Mention that you are thinking about going on a cruise in a private email. There is so much information about everybody that with only a few key pieces of information, a whole flood comes back. Sign up to be their bitch and they peel you like an onion.

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