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I do my utmost...

to make any data collected about me next to worthless. A combination of plugins which include ad blockers, script blockers, social media widget blockers and of course cookie blockers.

I also use more than one browser, having specific browsers for specific tasks, so that they cannot collate any data about any other site I visit. I use a VPN so that my ISP cannot collect data on what I'm doing... Just the quantity of bandwidth I'm consuming.

I have no facebook account, I don't use twitter although I do have an account and I don't allow 99% of social apps anywhere near my phone. I use fake names for most sites and I use a variety of usernames/handles across forums and so forth to further make it hard to link me to anything I do online.

I take my privacy very seriously... and if you search for my real name online, even if you search for me via the town/city I live in... You find nothing directly linked to me... Trust me, I've tried.. or rather... I've tested the effectiveness of my attempts to thwart data collection. So far... it's worked rather well.

So remember... it's not paranoia if they really are trying to insidiously find out everything they can about you.

It's my privacy and my data... NO ONE is entitled to it at all.

But there's one thing that bugs the shit out of me... I do not consent to my private info being shared by anyone else. So when anyone gives their consent for an app to access their contacts... They are directly infringing on my privacy without consent. This is an area that has been ignored for far too ling and needs to be legislated against. It needs to be made illegal to harvest anyone elses data without their explicit consent... not via some other useless, ignorant, lazy, feckless, wanker who happily divulges my privacy at the drop of a hat.

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