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What it will take for people to change

Most users aren't aware of the long term vision held by Facebook and Google etc. Like Banksters studying bonds or the yield curve, they're looking out 20-50-100 years and asking: "Why don't we disrupt - everything"?

"Lets be the data broker between every firm and every human (universal custom pricing). Better yet, lets be the world's storefront for every firm you ever use. Hell, we can just BE every other firm, cut the rest out - period. Its hard for humans to appreciate that in its entirety, or drip feeding small bits of personal info over such a long time frame. That's why on a personal level, climate change is hard to see. Why should 'Data-oil' be different?

So don't hold out hope for sea change here... But what could create a change in the near term is political corruption... People in general, of any age / culture get that easily... They don't have to understand the nuances of how people's data is monetized, to feel the stench and sting of political interference. Most of the world suffers from this type of political injustice and manipulation. So maybe that will be enough to get users to unplug...


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