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"being lauded as a pioneer and an innovator"

That sounds like distractive/distructive innovation and the mob of young wannabe's selling it

some have got rich quick by redefining some part of our lives so that we need them.

We don't,

It (most of it) is not needed, what they killed off was more valuable and well tested, to improve it would have given us even more value for less.

A Pioneering is forging new ground not trashing the old ground once again & Innovation is providing real solutions for real problems, not killing off what did work, often very well.

Zuck was on a trend, it was great for Uni students and probably still is, but there are so many other systems out there that people prefer like speaking face to face or talking on the phone.

Why everybody wanted the kiddie tour to never end was a premature mid-life crisis - well we're over it now.

Can we get back to normal.......oh where did all that stuff that really worked go, we want it back !!!

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