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Self-certiifcation for idiots

There is very little that's good about Facebook—or Twitter, or most of the rest of social media sewer—but as a never-user I have finally realised that it has at least one advantage.

For the whole of history, it has been relatively difficult to assess the number of idiots in the population. Yes, you do kind of know, almost by osmosis, that there are an awful lot—just through ordinary quotidian experience, shopping, driving on the roads and such. But, short of scientifically adding up the number of Daily Mail readers and other consumers of drivel-for-children, it's never been easy to come up with a reliable number.

Now, however, Facebook has provided a useful public service and made this one thing so much simpler.

Doing an idiot count in your nation? Just tally up the number of people with Facebook accounts.

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