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I disagree - somewhat. You bet the farm on a startup, it isn't clear thinking in some cases. But a number of folks jumped on startups out of the gate and got competitive advantage. VMWare for instance. Many examples. The problem with a "Tintri" was even though the tech is sexy, you can't become enamored just with the tech. You have to keep a clear head and look at the company as a whole and do a number of "what ifs?" Discussing this with a salesdroid, he quipped... "yeah, I had someone come to me and ask about the Violin array(s) and what they could do for support and direction. Fortunately, they insisted on purchasing and it wasn't me pushing it." I feel sorry (somewhat) for the Tintri BPs that drank the kool-aid lock stock and barrel, pushed it on some of their best customers, those customers are "all-in" and the high must have been great. Now.. not so much especially the last two weeks. Tintri won't be around long, you can smell it.

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