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@AJ MecLeod

I admire your debating technique. It's an amazing skill to be able to consciously ignore the massive central point being made about the very definition of one's existance, and then attempt a rebuttal based on some extraneous tidbit. Your point seems to sort-of (not really) work in words, but clearly not in logic. You'll go far in politics. :-)

With the goal of dragging your "thinking" back onto the rails, you may restructure the major point around the following alternate presentation:

Imagine others' observation of you exactly one year before your birth. Etc

Inevitable conclusion: the very existence of your soul in the Universe is very likely finite and symmetric around your physical life. Your pre-conception and post-death existances are almost certainly to be precisely-equivalent voids.

So, enjoy it while it lasts. One day it'll all go black

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