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That long-awaited Mark Zuckerberg response: Everything's fine! Mostly fixed! Facebook's great! All good in the hoodie!

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Graph! Just say it Dammit! It is the Facebook Graph API!

Facebook is STILL dancing around the subject!

"Zuckerberg is referring to changes to Facebook's developer platform policies made four years ago. In 2014, the mass surveillance biz announced the planned shutdown of an API that allowed developers to gather data about the friends of people using their apps."

The Facebook Graph API is everywhere, in a TON of apps! Especially any "antivirus/cleaner" type apps.

Every app developer was jumping on this bandwagon, it wasn't just some obscure "personality test" app.

The amount of user social media data that has been hoovered is FAR beyond the 50M being reported.

This already stinks to high heaven of a coverup!

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