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Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser


When you have exhausted all legitimate ways to show growth...

Let's face it this is just a metrics game to show investors that Microsoft has an "Edge" on competitors. By forcing things this way it will definitely increase the MS Edge usage statistics. And anyone who has ever had to deal with the less technically competent knows that these users don't even know when they are in Firefox, Chrome or IE/Edge. These people, lets face it are the masses and they will skew the metrics.

MS has to indefinitely show growth otherwise why would someone buy MS stocks in the first place, investors need a return. Like pretty much the majority of the tech industry they have run out of legitimate ways of improving efficiency and profit margins. Now that they have run out tangible ways to show growth they are now resorting to playing these sneaky stats tricks to fool investors into believing that after almost 3 years of no uptake that users all of the sudden are throwing away their fav browser for this super over the top better than the rest browser call Edge.

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