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"(and no, this still won't usher in the era of desktop Linux. For all the great advances that have been made in the last few years it's still not the no-brain install that Windows is for the vast majority of users)"

What planet are you on? Most people wanting to try linux will be having to try and install it for a dual boot installation alongside an existing windows install.

Last time I tried to install windows ALONGSIDE an already instaled linux operating system it decided to NUKE my existing bootloader leaving me with no ability to boot linux nor any way to roll it back. Hardly a no-brain install when you have to go onto the internet to learn how to create a rescue disk that can be used to mount your root partition to run update-grub to get the bootloader back.

I later solved this problem by giving windows its own drive and PHYSICALLY unplugging any drive I wish to be untouched by the pretentious windows installer. Again hardly no-brain. If it was a no-brain installer for windows it would preserve the existing OS while updating the grub menu.lst to allow you to boot windows. I havnt seen anything like that kind of user freindliness coming out of redmond, ever.

You are obviously comparing apples to oranges, complaining that the linux install process is flawed when installing alongside an existing windows install (it isnt, that problem went away ages ago) whilst the windows install process is flawless when installing on an empty drive.

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