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Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser


Truely don't understand all this anti-MS feeling. I have been with MS since XP days, upgraded to W7 (missed Vista) and then W10 (missed W8). Everything just continues to work. I have Office 2007 for my spreadsheets and word files (keeps working year in, year out). Thumbsplus for my photos, VLC for my videos, IE for internet (started with IE6, now on IE11). Never had a problem. HOSTS file block adverts etc - always has done, still continues to do so. Use Allway Sync to backup my files, Audacity, Freemake (old free version), Adobe Audition (old version). Never had to upgrade anything. Just goes on and on. Now on W10 1709 not had to pay anything for years (last time was when I bought my W7 PC and I assume I paid an OS licence then). I love MS - just can''t work out how they make any money. They've certainly not had much from me over the last 15 years. Oh and yes, had years and years of free Hotmail. Feel as though I should make a donation to MS as a 'thank you' but don't know how.

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