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I take it this is some form of 'Troll' !!! ???

In the real world:

You cannot *just* sit down and write the software you need on the platform you need without there being some *cost*. (Time, People, Money etc)

Most companies do not have unlimited funds to spend on Software Development, particularly if Software Development is a new experience for them and therefore actual costs are likely to be somewhat different to the 'Original Estimate'.

Considering the number of Projects that fail when initiated by companies that supposedly know what they are doing, guess how many would fail when every 'Toma/Roch/Harriet' tries to write or even commission their own specific software for their business.

At the small end of the market, most companies have difficulty describing exactly what they do in sufficient detail to allow such software to be written, which is why standard packages are used 'allowing' the creation of their 'own' process to perform their business (usually by Trial & Error at some previous point in time.)

Some larger companies may have a chance but the rest are just throwing money down the drain to get an almost working solution that is expensive to maintain.

Makes no sense .........unless you are a Freelance Software Developer selling the Nirvana of Bespoke Software to attact more clients. !!! :)

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