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If you are living in a flat without off-street parking, you may be screwed. There are chargers being fitted to lamp posts that will help some people. Shopping at centres with EV charging might be a priority and getting your place of work to fit some basic chargers (not fast chargers) might work. As a last resort, hooking up to a DC fast charger once a week for a half hour or so might be what it takes.

I don't think I've seen instances of non-wrecked EV bursting into flames while charging. Cheap Chinese "hoover boards", yes, but not EVs.

You don't see dangling power cords trailing alongside EVs due to their being an interlock that doesn't allow the car to be driven if it's plugged in. If you shut the power to the socket off and didn't disconnect the cord you could drive off, but a new version of stupid comes out faster than ways to prevent it. Kinda like the flu and flu shots.

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