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'MacOS is actually awesome to use once you get use to it, with my only gripe being the file manager could do with a major overall.'

MacOS is generally unusable if you want to do real work other than tweaking content or media files. The interface does not provide easy access to essential capabilities, while being totally counter-intuitive unless you are already an inmate of the walled garden.

Apple's hubris in rewriting standard functionality, with insufficient QA - like TLS - has resulted in breaking security and capabilities more than once or twice. You would think that they could get moving a file right, but clearly that's not guaranteed either.

The way MacOS returns data is not useful for certain types of 'industrial strength' administration of systems and networks.

Security fixes are generally not backported, so you have to keep 'leaping off a cliff' and hoping that no critical functions or applications will fail with the new release.

MacOS is like a voluntarily worn straitjacket - if you don't want to use your arms, it's probably just fine.

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