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Another linux

user here.

Well actually thats a lie, I use a windows 7 machine for games and random browsing via firefox.

The real machine for on-line stuff of all sorts is the Mint powered laptop next to me... anything (including steam) needs a credit card.. then that machine is used.

And after experiences with win 10 at work......

Which is a shame really, because if only m$ had said "Lets have the updated win 10 kernel/groundwork, then add a window manager that people can customise.. so that the phone type uber nerds can have tiles everywhere and a connection to the m$ app store, and the professional guys and gals(like me) can stick with a good old fashioned windows 7 type desktop."

Add in the update thing so that users can pick a time/date for updates instead of ramming them down their throats when they want to be using their computers for things like... say work

And M$ could have been onto a winner like Xp/win 7 were. but no.

My next machine will have win 10 on it for gaming only .. but any serious work will be done on linux, where its reasonably secure... and away from any chance of being slurped by m$

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