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> Microsoft provide a generic OS that can be installed on any (compatible) hardware.

The important word here is CAN - nobody makes people use Windows - choose from at least four other 'OSs' that work on PCs, one from Apple (macOS?), Linux, ChromeOS (sort of), Android (sort of).

As we keep hearing here, Windows is not mandatory anymore, if one doesn't like it, choose an alternative.

If your company makes you use it, it is no different to being forced to use a locked-down PC or a 'special' phone or an old piece of kit you hate, it is part of your job and you decide if it is enough o make you look elsewhere.

For the masses with 'No Choice', they won't give a shit either way, they know nothing about Browser wars, OSs or anything else, stuff just changes and they carry on or ask for help.

Personally, I find Edge doesn't massacre my memory and loads pages fast, both things that matter more to me than OS politics.

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