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Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser

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What took them so long?

This is MS and it is 2018.

One, they are going to do it.

Two, it is just the start.

Three, MS routinely claims that changes** have been overwhelmingly supported in consultations (at least by those who supported it, and the rest - apostates, all of 'em) do not count).

Four, MS wants everyone to use Edge exclusively - duh... !

Five, the only lesson they learnt over 30 years is that the average punter is now savvy enough to squeal when a crap browser is foisted upon him. And - end of civilisation as we know it - flock to a competing browser.

Six, the timing suggests that even MS realise their new browser was crap but now is not quite so crap, although they are moving forward in what are (for MS) baby steps (so it is still partially crap).

So what else is new?

**Oh, a "feature". Of course, Silly me.

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