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Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

jelabarre59 Silver badge

I used to shop at Maplin every so often, but once I found out I could get stuff cheaper from Amazon... well...

You know how the story ends.

But often the brick&mortar stores can't be arsed to actually STOCK anything in their stores anymore. If I have a more immediate need for a part, or simply don't want to wait for it (especially if there wouldn't be somebody home to receive the shipment) it's worth the extra cost to pick it up at retail. Especially if the shipping charges would bring the cost up to the retail price anyway.

But all too often I'll look for something in a store and they'll say "oh, we don't stock that, you can get it from our website". At which point I'll say "If I have to buy it online, there's plenty of places CHEAPER than you".

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