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Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

jelabarre59 Silver badge

Closing-down sale posters are being plastered over the shop windows of moribund Brit 'leccy tat emporium Maplin Electronics, but even now the discounted goods can still be bought more cheaply from rivals.

I found the same thing here in the US when RipoffShack/RaidShack/RadioShit shut down. Even with the liquidation sales, much of the kit was still overpriced. Generally all I'd be buying was the 50-70%-off cables. Of course, by then they had changed from being a useful electronics supply store to a crappy cellphone store.

Come to think of it, Circuit City's liquidation prices weren't very good either.

It's probably because the liquidation sales are more about getting money back for the creditors (which is understandable) and not about getting rid of stock. There seems to be one company that handles liquidation sales for pretty much everyone, and you will see all sorts of stock being sold there that the store would never have carried (likely brought there from whatever store they had just liquidated prior to this one)

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