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Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

Roland6 Silver badge

>//The maplin near me is next door to a PC world, Last year I needed a new external drive *same day* I saved £20 by walking next door (And PC world still ripped me off compared to the price online!)//

I've tended to do it the other way round! See it cheaper in PC World/Tescos/Asda and ask Maplin to price match, in part because Maplin do sell some stuff you can't get at PC World etc. and hence I didn't really want to go back and purchase what I could in one store from three stores...

Naturally, I make full use of the on-line click&collect service, that way I can get the online price before I walk into a store and see what store specific offers they may have.

Also following the logic "if you don't use it, lose it", I help Maplin get some revenue rather than zero revenue, whereas there are plenty of customers already giving money to PC World etc. (as this shutdown proves).

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