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Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

Hey Nonny Nonny Mouse

All valid comments but that's where they went very wrong, they went big when they should have gone small, at least for retail locations.

A small outlet with a big profile would have worked a lot better and cost a lot less.

The retail should have been backed up by an efficient mail order business, I'd have happily paid a small premium to have good quality items delivered next day, unfortunately for Maplin I wasn't happy to pay a massive premium, that pricing made it acceptable to buy bulk from China and wait a couple of weeks or less for delivery so Maplin lost my business to China and RS, CPC, Farnell and a few other mail order companies who specialise in things like RF components.

Competing against pound stores two doors away by selling the exact same items for a tenner was never, ever, going to work but the cynical side of me might consider the idea that it was never meant to, instead that it was some kind of financial manipulation tactic which will be quietly exposed in a year or two when the administrators have ploughed through it all.

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