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Blackout at Samsung NAND factory destroys chunk of global supply

Guus Leeuw

The maths don't add up...

Dear Sir,

could you kindly get in touch with Samsung and ask them how it is possible that a 30 minute outage caused 11% of their monthly output in ruins?

11% of a month (in time) is roughly 3.3481 days, which is roughly 4821.30 minutes... Since it's a plant, I am assuming 24x7 operations...

Maybe they operate 8 hours a (a third - still leaves 1607.10 minutes in 11%) and only during the week (so operating on 5/7 - still leaves 1147.9286 minutes).

Even with 8-hour week-day-only shifts, 30 minutes is only 2.6134% of the 11% that Samsung claim is now in ruin. What is Samsung doing with its NAND Flash plant?

Reasoning it the other way around:

11% of production in ruins whilst off-line for 30 minutes means that 100% of production can be created in roughly 270 minutes (9 x 11 = 100; 9 x 30 = 270). 270 minutes is slightly more than half a day (8 hour working day). There's, on average, still more than 29 days left in the month after that half a day has been taken away from an average month 30.odd days...

It does not make any sense whatsoever...



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