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Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

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No, it is Redditch, but I'm not surprised if there's several Once-Were-Blockbusters like this in the Maplin estate - when a retail chain goes bust, if the lease has been capitalised and pre-paid (or the obligation will come out of the residual of the business) the administrator tries to find somebody to take on the lease, and chunks of the portfolio tend to be acquired by the same company. A variant with a similar outcome is where a commercial landlord owns (say) the freehold of 30 units occupied by the bust business, and tries to offer that as a cheap package deal to somebody else who is believed to be willing to expand. You'll have seen this with former Woolworths and BHS sites.

Of course, with Toys R Us deservedly shutting, there's going to be more retail park space than takers, though.

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