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I think it's too late for them to even survive as online only.

Their "bread and butter" customers had already stopped even bothering to check the price of [thing] in maplins. Because the previous times they have checked they have found maplins price to be the worst every_single_time.

My dad (and me) were both always in need of something or other for a project, when your previous 100 "price checks" resulted in a chuckle and an order from ebay/china/amazon/random website, you eventually stop even bothering and just let the mighty google do it's thing and produce you the same item, at a far better price.

the last little LED display we needed for something Dad was working on was pence on ebay and pounds in maplins.

Literally something like 99p inc postage for a pack of three Vs maplins at over 3 quid + fuel and time going to maplins for one.

Their sole use was when you needed something *NOW* and there was a maplins nearby. Everyone else present was showrooming stuff before buying elsewhere, or going in simply because there was a maplins on the same estate as the shop they needed, and the kids dragged them in because of the flashing lights, electric toy cars out the front and the drone being flown by bored sales staff.

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