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Maplin shutdown sale prices still HIGHER than rivals

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Thats just wrong though isnt it, because plenty of places have bricks and mortar shops and price match with online retailers.

Not just in IT either Go outdoors has a policy where you can hand them a item at the till and say "Its cheaper on site xyz" and a few minutes later you get the item at the online price.

PC world also do it for *some* items.

I'd also point out that online retailers still have physical buildings holding their stock - they employ more pickers and packers and have higher distribution costs than companies like maplin supplying primerally though physical shops. Im also certain that online retailers have to pay a shit load more in IT costs than companies like Maplin.

My original comment was that if they lowered their prices they would have probably sold more - higher quantity of sales with a lower margin is preferable to high margin with almost no sales.

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